Who Moved My Pulpit?


By: Rainer, Thom

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ISBN: 9781433643873

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1 review for Who Moved My Pulpit?

  1. Robert Rhodes

    A short and easy to read book, that is full of God-given wisdom for any Christian who wants to lead change in their church, but isn’t sure where to start. This book is particularly helpful in how to address various types of church members regarding changes that are vital to the church and its future.

    “Stop and PRAY” is a quote in this book that has impacted me deeply, because my zeal for the Lord’s church and attempting change in my struggling church, meant that I was moving in my own strength, not the Lord’s. That would’ve meant that my efforts were doomed from the get-go.

    As I read, it was as if Dr Rainer had actually visited my church, and then wrote this book. Perhaps you will testify in the same way after having read the book?

    I highly recommend “Who Moved My Pulpit?” as it will help Christians in determining the necessary framework and direction for leading change in their church, that has first been bathed in prayer.

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